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  • Some one called me late to the party whats going on with the pigeons?
            The first thing I noticed beside the number of pigeons was all the mess on the garage door. I was sure what was going on but they were pretty content just hanging out in this community. What can you do to keep the population of pigeons down in your neighborhood? Obviously […]
  • Ohh ohhh whats that poppin up through the carpeting?
                      Yep it’s termites not surprising to anyone in the business. If there is a crack in the foundation slab then it is probable that you might get termites breaching the slab. That slab crack serves at a gateway right into your home and very little except […]
  • Tragic story Brown Recluse blamed
    Billings Montana   10 year old dies after being bitten by (Brown Recluse Spider) originally thought to be cancer and sent home from emergency room. 󈫺 yearold dies after spider bite”   Now based on only these facts I have a few questions. Was there any indication of spiders at his home or area? Brown […]