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  • Border agents stop a few more pests at Texas Border.
    “Two pest insects intercepted by CBP agents at Mexican Border.”   Hard work does pay off and the agents are to be commended for quick action in the prevention of these two pests into the USA. The first pest was in a shipment of ginger and the second in broccoli (not a reason not to […]
  • Are they weird or unusual yes?
    Insects adapt and continue to adapt to the surrounding world “Absurd creature of the week: This is an actual Insect. This is not a joke.”
  • What wine goes with that bug?
    Laithwaite’s Wine has produced a wine guide on how to pick a wine for whatever insect you may want to eat. “British wine experts create guide on how to pair edible insects with fine wine” OK I know what you’re thinking not a chance but remember 7 billion people. It’s just a matter of time […]