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  • Lyme Disease the debate
    Great article on debate whether Lyme Disease is a chronic disease. Study may suggest some correlation to Global Warming – OK I said it. Lyme Disease also imitates other nefarious like chronic fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia and mulitple sclerosis. ProBests Blog Pest Control425 W. Guadalupe Road #110 Gilbert az� USA •�
  • Something sneaky came our way what was it?
    Well it didn’t surprise at all when you see this many crickets you are bound to see a spider or two. Let me tell you this Black Widow was huge she was almost the size of a quarter. Rodent stations are ideal for hiding minimal intrusion and plenty of space until we show up […]
  • Have you ever tried DIY for German Roaches?
    The biggest issue I have with DIY (Do It Yourself) pest control is that most people don’t understand bugs. If you have the knowledge then you can deal with the pest. Same reason I don’t replace my own brakes on my vehicle. I don’t have a clue and frankly I don’t want to know. But […]