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  • BedBugs continue their plight invading Police Dispatching center
      “BedBugs force Portsmouth dispatchers to relocate” Bedbugs don’t care who you are they don’t care if you are rich or poor. They don’t care if youra Firefighter or Policeman so the key is that you are aware of their tenacious abilities at getting into your life. One of the best things that I recommend […]
  • DIY yourself and the many GREEN products do they work?
    DIY or Do It Yourself products and your ability to attack the unknown enemy – bugs. The article “Essential Oils fail at killing BedBugs” puts the light on those “natural products.   I have said it numerous times those “GREEN” products might work at the moment they are sprayed but generally they don’t have a […]
  • Bee attack in Tucson
    A landscaper lost his life when he was attacked by a honeybee’s. “Swarm of thousands of bees kills man injures another” Just for the record let me adjust that heading – it wasn’t a swarm of honeybees – it was a colony or hive within the home that was agitated and attacked. Technically the dictionary […]