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  • Chinese roach farm
    Millions and millions nightmares may be made of this..     ProBests Blog Pest Control425 W. Guadalupe Road #110 Gilbert az� USA •�
  • Hey somebody finally gets it pesticides and the need to use them
      “EPA pesticide bans threaten you and the economy” by Alan Caruba. Not killing pests insects and rodents is a great way to put everyones health in jeopardy. New York City announced a new war in May against rats and will spend 600000 to hire new inspectors to deal with an increased population. Lyme disease […]
  • Sometimes I cant believe everything I read what do you think?
    Rant and rave post:   First off this story is out of Canada but could be taken right out of the news here in the US. “Homeowner wants city to cover the cost of termite inspections” and ultimately corrective procedure measures and the cost. Here is my opinion: you own the house it is your […]