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  • How can you keep the scorpions out of your home?
    Home sealing is the way to go hands down and here is the way to handle the scorpions. Inspect the outside of your home high and low. Look for honeybees or wasp nest. Are the weep hole screens in place? Check for entry spots where scorpions or bugs can get into your home. Use a […]
  • Even a little water can cause a problem
            No fungus among us why yes there is. That little bit of water can cause a few problems if not caught in time. Notice the wood splitting and since there is enough moisture the fungus can grow. Water will take the path of least resistance so always conduct a thorough investigation […]
  • Pollinator Health Updates
    Pollinator Health – Bee Aware Be Safe.   Did you know that there are more pollinators than just honeybees? Check out this website to find out what they are. There are a number of factors that are affecting honeybees these days and the USDA EPA and the National Pest Management Association and others are working […]