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  • What do you want to know by ProBest Pest Management!
    Desert subterranean termites Southwestern U.S. – Colorado and Gila deserts. Lives on grasses dead cacti desert plants and can attack fences and other wood products. This termite becomes active during and after the summer rainy season (monsoon) from July to September. This termite does swarm however I have only seen 2 indoor swarms and generally […]
  • Its not always about the Scorpions how about visiting Arizona? Tombstone
        I love history and all that is related to it so a ride into the heart of the Wild West is worth it for me. Tombstone is nicknamed “The Town to tough to die” can you imagine walking down the street where those famous Law Men and the Gun Slingers walked. Make sure […]
  • What is the #1 insect related cause of workplace deaths in the U.S.
      4383 fatal work injuries in 2012 actually down from 2011 which had 4693 topping the list and transportation incidents led the way. Bees are number one on the list U.S. Labor Department reports. “Bee stings are behind most insect related deaths for workers.”               So a word or […]