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  • Can Subterranean termites damage paintings and other wall art?
                    Remember last week on the 18th July Arizona termites sneaky and they will get in Once termites find their way in they will continue to seek out cellulose and if they find it in a painting they will attack and eat. So if you notice anything […]
  • Are there more issues with termites in crawlspace homes?
    There are probably no more issues than with a monolithic or floating slabs and some would say crawlspaces are easier to see.                         I would venture to say that in my opinion Post Tension is probably better the ability to pull concrete together helps […]
  • Resources for IPM
      I talk a lot about IPM because it just makes sense you know the stories and how people just want the old way of pest control. Just like any business you have to change and adapt to those changes or you ultimately die from lack of business. I will admit it isn’t easy to […]