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  • Termite artwork?
            This was behind the drywall or lathing material and looked like a cactus design. It was artistic but I rather think accidental by design. Have you ever seen anything like it?   Comments are welcome. ProBests Blog Pest Control425 W. Guadalupe Road #110 Gilbert az� USA •�
  • My favorite bug in the news Kissing Bug
      “Kissing Bug” aka Triatoma Assassin Bug Conenose Wheel Bug or Ambush bug and sometimes called the Masked Bedbug Hunter “Arkansans spot the dangerous “kissing bug“. This bug is considered a predatory insect it generally goes after other bugs and suck their fluids right out of their bodies. It gets that Kissing Bug name from […]
  • QualityPro 10th year Anniversary
                  Leading the Industry QualityPro is administered by the Foundation for Professional Pest Management an independent organization that develops good business practices and standards. Designed specifically for pest management companies in the US and Canada this certification is offered voluntarily to companies that are currently members of the National […]