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  • Is it worth the money to have a Termite Inspection done to purchase a home?
      I’m always amazed when people are willing to spend 100000s of their hard earned cash and not ask for opinions on the important stuff. I would always (by the way I have always had a Home Inspection and Termite Inspection) when I purchased a home. One in Florida and one in Arizona I wouldn’t […]
  • Why do they allow import of old used tires?
      How often do you think a new bug makes it to our shores? Have you ever thought how did that bug make it into the USA? Sometimes we make it easy for the bug to travel like when you move from one state on the east coast to the west and you bring boxes […]
  • What can you do to help your garden?
    I like to spread information it is important for us to get along with nature but occasionally nature attacks and leaves us no options. We have several pests that can be a real pain like Bark Scorpions and Black Widow spiders and sometime even with homesealing they can get into our homes. I’m a BIG […]